Friday, January 1, 2010

101 in 1001

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I am so excited for this post because it's one of those that will take on a life of its own. I haven't made a "resolution" in years. Never could figure out the point. What I usually do instead is find a challenge. First year was to conquer tomatoes. Yep. Couldn't stand them. And all year, I tried them. It wasn't until the following year when we got to grow them in our garden that I really fell in love.

I stumbled upon this new challenge a few months ago in several different places so I knew I had to take it on. And it's simple. Make a list of 101 things you want to complete in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). The only rule is that the tasks be specific & realistic.

Here's why I love this. It sets a deadline, but it isn't 365 days away, I have more than one shot to complete a task. I'm a perpetual procrastinator. I know this. But if I have a deadline, like most people, I become much more motivated and it feels great when it's done!

So here's my list. And it starts today. My completion date is Sept 28, 2012. Each time I complete a task I'll come back to this master list and color them out as well as tweet or blog about the progress. Anything in italics means it's in progress.

My hope is to include everyone in on this journey and maybe others will join in too. Let me know what you think or if you can help me accomplish some of these 101 items!

Happy 2010!!

1. Go to Australia for 1 month
2. Take Hood River wine tour
3. Take Willamette Valley wine tour
4. Vacation in Seattle [completed 10.1.11]
5. Take trip back east
6. Bandon summer vacation [completed 8.22.10]
7. Take my 30th birthday trip [completed 8.16.10]
8. See Xavier Rudd in concert again [completed 8.14.10]
9. Have dinner on top of the space needle [completed 10.2.11]

10. Buy second car [completed 6.20.10]
11. Buy/fix Mac [completed 1.20.10]
12. Buy new tv [completed 12.25.09]
13. Get a spa
14. Buy a side of beef

15. Write a will [completed 7.28.10]
16. Get more life insurance for both Rich & I
17. Pull credit & repair any items
18. Handle medical bills [completed 3.01.11]
19. Buy a house

20. Host a wine/cheese party
21. Host a holiday cookie exchange
22. Do Sunday night dinners with family (12/12)
23. Have friends over at least once a month for dinner (6/6)
24. Start a cooking club
25. Have family al fresco picnics 1x month in summer (4/4)
26. Have a cupcake party
27. Have adult snow cone party
28. Host a game night with friends
29. Have a New Years Party

30. Take to library story time 2x a month during winter (4/4)
31. Bake & decorate sugar cookies [completed 12.6.09 & 12.18.09]
32. Potty train Tayden [completed 1.31.11]
33. Enroll in pre-school 2-3 days a week
34. Do an art project a day for a month [completed 12.31.11]
35. Cook a full dinner together
36. Arrange Daddy & me dates 1x a month
37. Arrange Mommy & me dates 1x a month

38. Date night w/ Rich 2x a month
39. Love letters to Rich 1x a month (6)
40. Try golfing with Rich
41. Decorate Rich's office [completed 1.10.10]
42. Have dinner on top of Bachelor in the summer [completed 9.3.11]
43. Eat at Timberline Lodge for Valentines Day
44. Watch the stars @ observatory

45. Cook/bake one menu in Bon Appetit every month for 6 months
46. Make a years worth of birthday/anniversary cards
47. Take a sewing class
48. Complete 3 sewing projects (3/3)
49. Blog every week day for a month
50. Make 4 paintings a year [completed 9.17.11]
51. Read 1 book a month for 5 months on a given subject/focus
52. Re-learn to knit
53. Take a knife cutting class
54. Practice didge 10 min a day for 30 days
55. Make & market dog beer biscuits
56. Start snowshoeing
57. Make a recipe book of favorites
58. Change own oil in car [completed 10.18.10]
59. Go rock climbing
60. Take a sommeliers course
61. Take a pottery class
62. Get a makeover after having lost 30lbs.
63. Milk a cow
64. Try geocaching [completed 8.20.10]
65. Bake homemade cinnamon rolls [completed 1.24.10]
66. Bake a chocolate souffle [completed 9.26.10]
67. Play didge in church 1x
68. Write a new 101 list

69. Complete a half marathon
70. Floss every night for a month [completed 1.31.12]
71. Go vegan for 2 weeks [completed 2.11.11]
72. Unplug for one whole weekend [completed 7.11.10]
73. Find a (good) yoga class [completed 9.28.10]

74. Eliminate all clothes that don't fit [completed 9.24.11]
75. Purge house monthly for items to sell/donate (6/6)
76. Buy each of us one article of clothing a month (3/3) [completed 2.20.11]
77. Plant indoor herb garden [completed 3.28.10]
78. Repair all decor or toss [completed 3.28.10]
79. Decorate one of the kids' rooms in owls & trees
80. Raise chickens
81. Do a chore a day for a month [completed 1.31.12]
82. Get antique clock fixed
83. Visit a working ranch
84. Convert tapes to cds & vhs to dvds
85. Send holiday cards/letter [completed 12.01.10]
86. Complete home projects in saved magazines (5/5)

87. Bake cookies for firefighters
88. Bake goodies for neighbors
89. Make/bake Christmas gifts [completed 12.15.10]
90. Donate blood
91. Sign up for bone marrow donation [completed 2.11.10]
92. Pick 5 people who have changed my life & write them a letter (0/5)
93. Help a friend/family move up to Central Oregon (1/2)

94. Make anniversary iBooks (1/3)
95. Get professional photos done of the 4 of us [completed 1.23.12]
96. Get canvas picture made for 16x20
97. Get wedding photo blown up
98. Purge photos to electronic
99. Make wedding iBook
100. Make Spain iBook
101. Convert wedding film to digital


  1. love the list but it makes me a bit tired. Whew!

  2. This is just like from Julie & Julia, minus boning a duck! Hahahaha!

  3. Hi Guys,

    I came across your blog and thought you might like to take a peek at mine. I live in the French Alps and write about food and renovating our old watermill. Would you be interested in exchanging links?