Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Cook a Rutabaga

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We're 25 weeks along cooking this little Waller girl now. She's over a foot long and weighs about that of a rutabaga. Which is fitting because my dad used to call me his little rutabaga.

And the belly is really starting to show.

All well and good. Cute. Sweet.



Let's take a minute and talk about the darker side of pregnancy. Shall we?

What about that sweet belly.

And oh, how she's kicking inside it! Lots. In places that really are not comfortable. And she doesn't do these during normal business hours. No. They start around 10:30pm and go through the night until around 4am when she finally gets tired torturing your unmentionable parts.

And if the kicking doesn't keep you awake through the night, the all of a sudden oh-my-gosh-I-think-I'm-loosing-my-leg charlie horses will! That last for a good 5 minutes! And don't try screaming in agony because you'll get no attention from the snoring log next to you.

And what about never getting comfortable no matter which way you lay? (Which for me, is only on my left side because otherwise I get heartburn that makes your throat feel like it's caught fire which is from the munchies that hit every night around 10pm that make you feel like it must really be 4:20.) So they make us the "Preggo Pillow" because "Nine months is too long to be uncomfortable". Really?! Thanks! Like a PILLOW is going to make it all go away!

And so you get up, look in the mirror and see a new visitor. In fact more than one visitor because now your face looks as if you're in junior high again. And the bleeding gums after brushing your teeth?! What about that?

And then you hobble into your closet, hobbling because your back is in a constant state of pain trying to hold up that "sweet" belly of yours, only to find 99% of your wardrobe no longer fits. Great.

And you think to yourself "Can I get away with wearing sweats again today?"

Then it hits you. You're only 25 weeks in. That's just barely past half way.

So what do you do?

Throw on those sweats. Go have a big bowl of chocolate brownie & ice cream for breakfast.

Because that'll make it all better.


  1. You look so CUTE!!

    By the way, you need a follow button for the blog :) Im behind on keeping up since your not on my dashboard ;P

  2. Yay for more free birth control for us! Haha, but in all seriousness we are so excited for you guys and you are totally adorable pregnant (and not pregnant) even if you are going through all this pain! Love you guys!