Sunday, October 24, 2010

Menu Monday

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This week, for me, marks the first real week of fall. We've had such varied days of weather with more sunshine than usual. Now that it's rainy and dark, the leaves are falling, and with that comes the desire to stay inside and cook. If you take one recipe this week, do yourself a favor and make the Goat Cheese Gratin. It's to die for.
Halloween's this Sunday so we're planning an Orange & Black dinner. This year I'm going to make black beans, orange chicken, and rice (made orange with food coloring in the boiling water). For dessert a chocolate sorbet with berry compote. Simple and quick to get us out for more trick-or-treating time. Some other ideas for you: olive tapenade on corn crackers, butternut squash soup topped with sour cream and olive slices, or grilled cheese and roasted purple potatoes, or an old favorite, stuffed pumpkin. How ever you celebrate, be sure to have fun!

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