Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sedae Ann, 5 Months

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Here we are at five months! She's going to be 5 years before we know it. Time is going by really fast with her and can't believe how strong she already is. She can sit up on her own for a couple of seconds, then flops over :) She's found her feet and loves to gnaw on her fingers also. She's loving her new bouncer toy and the music and lights. Her new thing is sticking out her everything. Cracks us up. In fact, she's starting to mirror things, facial expressions and emotions. If brother starts crying (which has been quite frequent lately...) she'll start too. Yeah. That's fun. Or when we laugh, she'll start in.
The binkie is now gone and she's sleeping all night (hallelujah!). She goes down at 6pm and wakes up at 7am, with a 10pm dream feed and a 4am feeding. But she is trying to suck on her fingers. No, no, no, no, no, NO! She also got her first snack over the weekend. While I was gone at a knitting class, I didn't leave dad enough milk and he was about to give her cereal and I caught him just in time! I didn't want to miss that! So he gave her a baby rice cracker instead. She loved it and munched it right down. Hopefully this weekend when we're both home we can feed her first cereal.


Tayden thought her eating was super cool and started mimicking what she was doing too, sticking his fingers in his mouth, etc. Great. My 2 year old is going to start reverting? Please no.


Speaking of, dad also took Tayden to get his stitches out (SO glad I wasn't there. I'm just not built for that) and am happy that's behind us. I think he may have a scar though. We'll see.
Also, now that Sedae has become much more active and interactive, Tayden got his first real lesson in sharing with his sister. Bit of a hard one to grasp that hey, wait, she's going to want to play with my toys now? Wth?? But he made good choices and shared. Ahh the little things :)
Here's a video of the giggly girl:

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