Monday, December 20, 2010

Seven Months with Sedae

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Sedae is now seven months. And all she wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth, and that's when she got them! She struggled through like a champ. Only a few times of waking during naps hurting. Lots of teething medicine, frozen chews and hard bread made them break through! Can't wait until she's able to start chomping on finger foods. Right now she's still eating the mush. But looooves her food. Except for avocados. But what she won't eat Tayden makes up for. He'll sit down and eat an entire 'cado if I let him.
Speaking of big brother, he's so great to her. Caught him the other day whispering that he loved her. Oh the things that make a mom swoon. She lights up and laughs when he comes around. He likes to yell "BOO" in her face and she thinks it's great. I think it's annoying.
She's now pulling herself up onto her knees and if I leave the room, will come back to find her on the other side sitting up again. Magic. Or just a little rolly-polly. In her crib is another favorite spot for acrobatics. Time to lower the mattress again!
Now that the Christmas tree and decorations are put away, she can have free reign of the house and am looking forward to her crawling. But not rushing her. I'm realizing how fast it's all going and want to cherish this stage she's in.
Her personality is showing through more and more. What once was our mellow, sweet kid has started to show her stubborn and devious side. She has this evil little laugh she'll pull out when her and Tayden are "talking" to each other, plotting their revenge I'm sure of it. Her newest trick is waving and shaking her head to get a laugh.
She's definitely a mamas girl at this point, which I both love and hate. I hope she will feel the same through her teens :)

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