Thursday, December 2, 2010


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Our day-after-Thanksgiving-tradition has turned into a trip to the forest to chop down our Christmas tree then feast on leftovers and Rich's Turkey Pot Pie. Every year we think we're prepared. And every year we're not. I'm coming to terms with this fact and look forward to its organized chaos only because we end up having so much fun.

This year was no exception. Actually, it was the craziest trip to date, and we had the fun to prove it.

It involved a late start as de rigueur. When we finally arrived at the area we normally go, Rich got the Jeep stuck. Even ran it into a tree. Then Erin's carload got stuck trying to come rescue us. We made it out, with smiles, and ventured on. Once we stopped for good, Sedae had a baby-blowout of epic proportions. And I do mean epic. This un-prepared mom didn't pack extra clothes. So she rocked her snow suit commando (and was plenty warm).
We found our trees, had good snowball fights, did some sledding (I convinced my 8 month pregnant sister-in-law to take a ride with me...we got stuck too) and sipped hot cocoa.

That night was just as fun and eventful, filled with tradition and great conversation. The next morning we got up for an early breakfast at the pancake house before everyone had to travel home.

Until next year family, here's a video that makes me happy, I hope it does for you too.


  1. SO Awesome! I love your family tradition, and I LOVE your video. I want to live somewhere with snow!

  2. Well I have an easy remedy for THAT! And I bet we could find Brenton a job easy ;)