Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flat Evan

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This is Flat Evan. He came by mail to us from our nephew Real Evan who's in the 2nd grade.
They're learning about a boy named Flat Stanley who gets flattened and makes the best of it by traveling all around and exploring new places.
So Flat Evan has decided to come to our house to see what it's like to live in Oregon. He'll be going everywhere with us and we'll document all of our fun and travels. Then he'll share it with his class. So cute!!
Do you have Flat Stanley ideas? What have you done?
(see here, here, and here for some adventures we took.)


  1. I LOVE flat Evan. It makes me laugh!!! Oh where do I post my prediction of 13 lbs 2oz!!! yeah baby

  2. Yeh Flat Evan!! Will you bring him to Visalia?