Sunday, April 13, 2008

It MUST be a Good Day

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You know when you feel like you've been in hibernation for the past 6 months because you live in a place that has cold winters? And when the first day of warmth and sunshine comes there is nothing more you'd rather do than to get out and enjoy that sun! Well, when you need to have a garage sale instead so you don't actually get to go have fun, you take the next opportunity, right? Well, that was to be today. The weather forecast said it would be sunny and 70 today, just like yesterday, and so it was decided we were going to go somewhere fun to enjoy it.
We went to church with Rich's sister, brought the dogs and a picnic with us, and were headed to Sparks Lake to sit out, enjoy our food and the warmth while the dogs played. It started out as planned, until after church when we headed out to the lake only to find 1/2 hr. later down the road that the road was closed!! So, we had nothing left to do but turn around and try to find something on the side of the road that looked promising. An hour and 1/2 later, we found an area by the river only for clouds to roll in and the wind to pick up. Well, at least Flat Evan and the dogs had a blast!!
(In all honesty, it was a beautiful drive, good time together and great to be outside again!)

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  1. Oh wow!!! How beautiful!!! I wish there were more places like that near here!!!! :) Glad you enjoyed your day even if it didn't go as planned!!!