Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Strike?!

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Tayden has decided to join the forces and go on his own strike, from nursing. Apparently the changes around the house and traveling has cut into his routine enough that he's now protesting. We also think that he is pre-teething so that adds to the bowl of sugary fun.

So for the fight against eating, we're trying a bunch of different techniques to get him to accept it again. The hardest time has been in the morning and progressively gets better as the day wears on. We hope this passes soon!
Oh, and had to attach a picture of T-mans tootsies, they're huge!


  1. You know what they say about big feet . . . .

  2. oh geez...little Tayden sure has his own mind about things, doesn't he? haha.....just wait until he's THREE and ordering you two around! (Can you tell we're suffering over here?)

    Hes sure is cute, though!!!!

    (We're going to call you guys today!)