Tuesday, July 15, 2008

S'mores, Rafting and Dirt Oh My!

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We just got back from a long weekend camping at Lake Siskiyou in California. We met up with Rich's siblings and dad & stepmom. We also took Evan with us as it was his first time camping. Everyone had a blast and we got to use our new raft for the first time. Tayden did really great and slept awesome. Max didn't know what to make of it at first, but luckily he had all his cousins there to play with. Two baths later, we think we got all the dirt off.
Uncle Rich & Evan putting up the tent

Our nephew Eli petting the pups

Our niece Izzy had fun playing in the dirt

Uncle Skot & Aunt Michelle getting some T-lovin'

Aunt Bekah & Izzy

Evan's 1st time swimming in a lake

Evan's 1st s'more....mmmmm

John trying to get crafty with his s'more. It ended up burnt.

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