Sunday, September 21, 2008


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We planted our third garden this year, and its as fruitful as ever! We grew corn for the first time and it is delish! We cut back on some tomatoes and instead tried zucchini (we let one grow to over a foot long!) and gourds. We've got the Big Max pumpkin again this year, last year it tipped the scale at 115lbs so we'll see if this year beats it out. Evan goes out almost every day to see if it grew overnight. We have green beans and jalapeƱos coming out our noses, as well as a ton of herbs, so if you want any, let us know before this weeks (possible) frost gets them! The carrots were a bit puny but still so tasty and next year we won't do green onions but back to the regular onions again. It is so fun every year to watch this giant patch of dirt slowly turn to a mini replica of the Garden of Eden--and to be able to eat the "fruits" of our labor (well, Rich's really...lets be honest).


  1. Yum-o! We can't wait to grow our garden next year. *fingers crossed* :)

  2. TOO TOO CUTE!!! Again, let me comment on your amazingly domestic ways..Rich that includes you too!:) I am so in awe of you guys, really! Someday I want to be like you..haha :)

    Dude and your kid is freakin precious. He has the best life! I'm pissed that I'm missing out on all my favorite friends kids growing up....

    Love you guys!! xoxo