Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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So the past couple of days we've been trying to implement a new technique to get our darling child to sleep. The once "I can sleep 10 hours a night" child, has switched into Chucky-mode waking, at best, every 45 minutes through the night! He's not cold, he's not in pain, he's not hungry...so what is it?!
Since the day he was born, we've been following The Baby Whisperer (sounds cheesy huh?) on a routine for sleeping and eating. So far it hasn't led us astray. We realized though that Tay had developed his own sleep routine (obviously) so it was time to break out the big guns of Chapter 6. Yup, the "Pick Up/Put Down" method. Lets just say it's a lot of hard work, but seems to be working since he only woke once last night to eat! The problem now is getting it to work at nap time, and we're trying to do it w/o the pacifier. Yesterday was long and exhausting, but have high hopes again for today.
We all know as adults how lack of sleep affects us, but it's amazing to see the effects on a little one. When he doesn't get good naps he becomes this co-dependent little man who doesn't want to be put down for long. When he's rested, homeboy can play, play, play! Which in turn means a happy mommy b/c I'm able to get stuff done too. So here's to hoping it works!

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  1. oh man, I remember the days...hang in there mom and dad...you guys are doing great! So true about the importance of sleep for the little ones!