Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin for the Punkin

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This boy was ready to EAT! We tried out some pureed pumpkin from the garden as his first food. He loved it and cried when it was all gone. He got most of it in his mouth...small triumphs. Think we'll do green beans next week, since he already chomps on the frozen ones, also from the garden. Thank goodness his dad is such a good gardener!
We're going (to attempt) to make all of his food. Found some really great recipes online and a great book to read.
His sleep is also getting better, thank goodness!!!

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  1. So cute! Can't believe that he is eating solids! How did he get so old so fast? I made all of Aubrey's baby food (used the wholesomebabyfood website too!) Good for you. It's actually really easy--and you are growing his food too--how awesome are you guys!