Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Head East

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Saturday we jumped into the car, wanting adventure, and decided to head east. In 4 years of living here, we've never been further than 20 minutes east. I know right!
So, with no plan and a vague direction of where we were going, we just drove. It was gorgeous! It was countryside we'd never seen and it was all stunningly beautiful. Fall colors were everywhere, with a light dusting of snow as a reminder of what's to come. We ended up stopping (little off roading not passed up) for a while at the Painted Hills.

We'd packed a picnic and took a hike up to a great view point to see more.

Tayden discovered rocks. Had the time of his life with those. Putting them in his mouth, banging them on cups, trying to give them to Max...he's such a boy!

Anyway, we were just reminded of this beautiful place we live and are excited to explore more east this summer for camping.

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