Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkeys & Tannenbaums

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Thanksgiving is Christen's favorite holiday so every year is super special, this year no exception since it was, of course, Tayden's first. All of our Central Oregon family came to the house for the feast and celebration. We got a hertiage turkey this year. It was so flavorful and just a beautiful bird.

That weekend we also went and chopped down our Christmas trees. No snow this year which cut into the nostalgia, but it made it easier to hike around and find that perfect tree. And that we did! We actually all found pretty fabulous trees.
Since starting this post last week, everyone else has since blogged about their turkey and tree experiences and it's so fun to see how much of a Central Oregon tradition it is, and with good reason! Until moving here, never would we have thought a state would allow you to just forage through the forest and cut your own tree! Just add it to the list of why Oregon rocks.

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