Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seed Savers Exchange

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We're super excited for our garden this year (yes, I know it's been snowing outside) because we are planting an heirloom garden from the Seed Savers Exchange. It's a great cause as most of the plants of our ancestors are dying out from mass production of "supermarket produce", not to mention the loss of flavor and uniqueness.
We're highly ambitious this year with first starting everything from seed and the amount of produce we're planting. It's about double the variety we've grown in the past. We'll still continue to do companion planting because we've had great success so far with it, never having to use pesticides. I'm most excited about trying potatoes for the first time. We're going to grow them in a barrel, but does anyone have suggestions or tips?
So, we're hoping everyone will make it over this summer to eat the fruits of our labor...HA!
Here's just a few of the items we're planning on:

And PS- I got my mac back and fully functioning so, the blog will no longer be neglected!!

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  1. I’m so excited you guys are using Seed Savers. A fellow I used to work with grows potatoes in stacked car tires. That way he can take them off to get to each layer of soil and potatoes. I’ve met people who think this is a great way to grow food and keep old tires out of the landfill and help store warmth in the soil. On the flip side, I’ve heard people voice concerns about toxins in the tires, which would make me hesitate to grow food in them, but I like the idea.