Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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This is Dude.

He's cool right? Dude belongs to Jack, Rich's step-dad. Jack is trying to sell Dude. Almost everyone in the family has gotten a ride on Dude, including, but not limited to, these fine folk.

When Dude first came home, he was battered, beaten, and not cool. Jack spent over 100 hours working on Dude. It included a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. And Jack was tired too. Dude has taken care of a lot of the Big Dude work on their 5 acres and now his work there is done, much to our chagrin. But alas, our feelings don't hold rank here so this is our little way of forever remembering Dude and only hope his new owners have a locked gate.

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  1. Jack says: "This is sweet, but also bittersweet. I have decided to put
    Dude for sale at Deschutes Valley Equipment in Terrebonne.
    If anyone is interested, they can make an offer to those
    folks. This tractor has given me a lot of pleasure and pride
    over the past five years, but now the time has come, as
    you say, to put feelings aside. My new tractor is much more
    capable than Dude, but also much less colorful. Thanks
    again for the wonderful tribute to a spectacular machine!"