Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Bunch of Fruit Loops

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"Let me see if I can move this car seat over more"
"Max, leave Adam & Melissa alone"
"Winston, stop humping Max"

The beginning of our road trip with The Ridlons wherein, it took an hour and a half to go 30 miles. Then we still had two more hours to go.

"We need coffee"
"Crap, we forgot ice for the cooler"

We made it, squished and smiling, up to enchanted Hood River to travel along the Fruit Loop, a beautiful winding drive leading you from one from one fruit farm and local vineyard to the next. The vineyards we saw more of because lets be honest, how much fruit can you see?

Well, don't ask the child who ate his weight in fruit that question. This kid literally inhaled the abundance of fruit and veggies around like a Roomba with bad wiring. There was no stopping him. And we payed for it later when the second visit from his escapades stained his butt, and his crib.

We tried many new wines, walking away with a few new favorites like the Dolcetto from Marchesi Vineyards.

We fed hungry, mop head Alpacas whom we learned only have teeth on the bottom of their mouth, so don't worry about them biting you...right.

Tayden got his first "boo-boo" when he was trying to walk Max. The dog took off faster than his wobbly little feet could move. You'da thought by our reaction that he had a gaping wound seeping his insides out at a rate to which we'd never NEVER get back in. Come to find out, he coulda cared less about it. THERE WERE BLUEBERRIES TO BE HAD PEOPLE!! Well, we picked them clean. Adam & Tayden ate more than they picked.

The most misfortunate part? Well, we (ok, I) had to stop and pick the wild blackberries. Two days later and thorns still probably stuck in our fingers, the boys ended up with poison ivy rashes.

But I didn't, so that's really all that matters.

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