Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lori, You Need a Shower

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Ok, I'm mean to my sister, but not that mean. A WEDDING SHOWER! The big day is just over a month away and I'd love to say we're working feverishly getting the backyard prepared, but there's summer to be livin' up! So we're all pretty much procrastinating. Except for Rich who has obsessed with his lawn. Lord help us all if another patch of weeds pop up or another dog makes his lush greens their litter box.

I digress, we had a WEDDING SHOWER a few weeks back to kick off the festivities. And as festive people, we did a tropical honeymoon theme. I wanted to wear my coconuts and grass skirt but Rich wisely talked me out of that one. Could you imagine? I think my mom woulda had a heart attack. Speaking of, her and dad made the trek up to party hardy and Rich's stepmom & dad were also in town so Tayden for the first time ever was with all three sets of grandparents! Pretty lucky kiddo.

Here's the progression of the party:
Walleritas flowed.

Croquet was set up on that said lawn with strict rules in place, none of which were followed.

Lori got a small fortune to spend on unmentionables and did I mention the Walleritas? Oh yeah. Well, they were that good.

Thanks to Melissa for the beautifully tasty cupcakes and just as delicious photos (and yes Adam, good job on crushing the "sand") and to all our family for making it a wonderful day!!


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