Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Man Party

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This weekend we celebrated Rich's *29*th birthday and Tayden's 2nd! Turning 2 is like a mini coming of age, especially when in (hopefully) a few days Tayden's going to be a big brother, and life as he knows it is going to completely change. So we thought we'd celebrate that by introducing him to manly life full of moustaches, ties and of course plenty of good fun.

I had a total blast planning this party for my little Mr. Man and the Original Mr. Man. We had a "photo booth", decorate your own tie table and other activities for all the kiddos, and tons of food and cupcakes.

The day after the party was Tayden's actual birthday so we had another fun filled day. We decorated his door, opened more presents, had his requested pancakes, played outside with all the new toys and picnicked in the park with family for dinner.

Here's a short video of the party, enjoy!

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