Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Sedae at Three Months

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Sedae is now over 3 months old and rockin' along. She's learning how her hands are connected to her and it's a crack up to watch those wheels turning as she discovers them. She loves snuggle time with her daddy most and likes to talk up a storm all day long.
Tayden is a great form of entertainment for her now that she can see at a further distance. He's great with her too. He comes right up in her face and says (in a high pitched voice) "Hiiiiii Dedayeeee (Sedae)" and she just lights up.
Speaking of lights, her favorite toys are those that light up and play music. She also has a little monkey and bunny that she's fond of and snuggles with.
Sleep has been hit and miss but down to only one feeding during the night. One night it's all: I'm-going-to-wake-up-every-hour-and-drive-you-nuts, and the next she'll only wake up to feed. Ugh. The teething phase hasn't even started (though she is starting to chomp fingers and drool lots) However, she is great to her mama that she takes her long nap when brother does too!
I'm having (never thought I'd say this) so much fun dressing her up in new little outfits each day and she seems to already know because she smiles the most when getting dressed.
At only three months we're already so attached and can't imagine life without her. She's the perfect addition to our family.

This picture is for my Aunt Nancy who, a huge Sox fan, sent this onsie for Tayden when he was born. Here's a comparison of the two at the same age. Can't see the resemblance at all...

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