Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1961 Vintage Layton

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Meet our new winter project. Which quite possibly could turn into our spring and summer project also. We've been on the hunt for a while for a small vintage trailer that we could fix up and use for camping and budget traveling. Well, apparently we don't have an original idea because no sooner would one post on Craigs List, it would be gone. So, when we saw our diamond in the rough post, we jumped on it. Maybe made too quick a decision because it's in worse shape than we thought. Still true though the bones and tires are good and it's the shape we were looking for. What we did find after completely gutting the thing was lots of water damage. So Rich is in the process of replacing the floorboard completely. What does that entail? Pulling back and taking off the actual trailer. Wanna help? :) But nonetheless, it was a steal at $400. To buy me out of the 30th birthday trip from my parents (seeing as how I'm now 31 and still no trip planned) they gave us a chunk to buy and fix it up with. Yeah!!
We're lacking motivation for this stage of the reno as it's the boring "have to"'s but can already envision the finished product. Anyone wanna camp this next summer?

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