Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free 8x10 Canvas!

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Thanks to tatertots & jello for this info!
I just ordered an 8x10 canvas (a $50 value) for Sedae's room and only paid for shipping! How you ask? The Canvas People are running a special right now for a free 8x10 canvas and if you want a larger size, it's a nominal price to upgrade. How cool is that??
The canvas comes with the sides wrapped but you can also have them frame it for you.
This is a really great deal if you're looking for Christmas gift ideas. If you're needing more than one, you can get additional prints for 50% off. Shipping was $15 but an 8x10 canvas at Costco (one of the cheapest places) is still $30.
Hurry, hurry before this offer ends! Leave me a comment below if you order one!

The picture I ordered

What it'll look like wrapped


  1. Hey guys, just catching up on your blog. Kids look great! Heard you had fun with T&R over in Bandon - we may get Terri acclimated to cooler weather yet! Deb (and Tom)

  2. Are you their rep now? I hope you get a commission cut. ;) And who's this amazing photographer behind the picture?

  3. My sweet friend who I referenced here:


    And no cut, just a cool offer.