Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Battle Wounds

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When we woke Saturday morning, we had planned an un-eventful day at the pumpkin patch with friends. We had told Tayden of our plans, but then were considering canceling because of rain. Then Tayden tripped into the edge of our platform bed and split his lip open. Oh the blood, tears and pain. So we took him to the doctors and unfortunately because of the placement of it there on his lip, he had to get stitches.


That was probably the single hardest thing I've gone through as a mother. He was pinned down (by me) and his face was covered so he couldn't even tell what was going on, not to mention the pain he was in. So, as promised, we took him to the pumpkin patch to ride the choo-choo train. A ride, a pumpkin, a dose of Tylenol and a nap later, he was in much better spirits and said it only hurt "a little bit". He's now entered the rank of the cool-dudes-with-a-scar. The bummer about stitches is we have to go back this week to get them removed.


The other bummer on Saturday was for Sedae. With her waking every hour through the night when her binkie would fall out, we were done and took it away. She's now learning how to fall asleep without it, and aide from us. We're doing the pick-up/put-down technique we did with Tayden. So far it's working great as she has only been waking to eat or if she does wake, can now put herself back to sleep. The hardest is when we first lay her down, like yesterday at naptime, I was in with her for two hours trying to get her to fall asleep. She'd become overtired and was a downward spiral from there. But, can't complain because we're now sleeping at night!!


We also went yesterday again to the doctors for both their check-ups. They're both perfect and healthy. Tayden's the average height/skinny kid and Sedae super long & almost 15 pounds! Looking forward to introducing cereal this weekend!

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  1. Poor little guy, what an experience!!! I'm glad to hear everyone is healthy, and that you are finally getting some sleep. wahoo to that!!!