Monday, October 11, 2010

Summers Back!

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Seems like we were cheated out of summer here in Oregon. But watching this video brings me back, where I can almost smell the ocean air through the rain. What a wonderful summer vacation we had this year. We returned to Bandon, OR for a month of rest and relaxation. And that's just what we did. We made a list of all the things we wanted to do and completed all but three. Pretty good I think. That which we accomplished was:
  • Bbq's (lots of Santa Maria style cooking)
  • Bonfires & s'mores (enough to make your tummy hurt)
  • Crabbing (my one birthday wish to do, caught 11 keepers!)
  • Berry picking (I think Tay ate his weight in them)
  • Build sand castles (Tay's favorite: Dad building, him destroying)
  • Games (beat the boys night after night @ Ticket to Ride)
  • Geocaching (checked it off the 1001 list, but not much of a fan)
  • Going out to dinner (um, gonna say, eating in was better than eating out)
  • Kite flying (the adults liked it more than the kids)
  • Mochas (mmmm, the have the best local brewers, Bandon Coffee Co.)
  • Movies & popcorn (did more of the popcorn than movies)
  • Picnic dinner on the beach (totally lucked out that night and had the best weather of the month!)
  • Visit the Toy Room and shop downtown (Tay of course, picked a car, a Dodge Viper)
  • Walk to the lighthouse (where a bratty little girl stepped on and broke my sandled toe!)

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