Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Half Birthday

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Sedae's half a year old now! Big month. She's now sitting up on her own, which is fantastic. I can plop her down with some toys and she'll just play, play, play! She started solids. Bananas are good. Sleeps like a champ which we couldn't be happier with. No more 4am feedings! And takes two long naps during the day. She is an official thumb sucker, too. It's cute now but...

Anytime Tayden comes around, gives her hugs, holds her hand, whatever, she lights up. Melts muh heart. He's doing really great with her and even brings her some of his toys to play with. They took their first bath together and she thought that was super cool. She also likes her friend Silvie and can't wait to play together when both are a bit older.

All in all, she's a giant peach of a babe. No complaints from us!


This video is from a trip to Eugene. Our hotel room had a doorbell. We rang it. She cracked up. So Tayden & I started mimicking the sound...

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