Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Minute Thankful Idea

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Here's something you can throw together tonight (between baking pies and mashing potatoes) to have for your guests on the big day and commemorate what they're thankful for.
We've been doing these hot little birds for quite a few years now. Our favorite part is reading back over the past and seeing what we were grateful for then and compare to how things have changed now.


Go here and download the template. Cut out one turkey and 5 feathers per person. Punch a hole in both the turkey and feathers. Then attach feathers with a brad. Use a label maker or pen to write the persons name and the year. They can then write one thing on the back of each feather they're thankful for. Easy. Meaningful. And you can get as creative as you want! They also make for great decor throughout the season. So what's on your feathers?

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