Monday, November 8, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

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(I just got home from court for my speeding ticket so I'm in a judgement giving kind of mood.)

Over the weekend, Rich chopped away at my Tayden's beloved hair.

What is it with men and feeling the need to hack away at their kids' hair? Is it some rite of passage that us women aren't privy to?

He donned the "sweet husband who sends off his wife to have some alone mommy time" hat and what do I hear the second I'm heading for the door?

"Hey Tayden, how about we give you a haircut?"

WHAT?! Then, when the massacre was over, I had to come in and shape up the Edward Scissorhand effect he'd left behind.

So, now, jury of peers, the verdict is up to you. Which is better?

Note: Of course he's adorable in both cases. This is merely justification for my tears. I mean, just look at those long curls!



  1. Love both!! The kid is freaking adorable. But, I am an advocate for the long curls since I have them myself and embrace them to the fullest. Long curls I say!

  2. Love them both too BUT I do really like his "after" picture. He looks like a little man and HEY it still has curl to it!!

  3. john and i agree that he still looks adorable in his after pic. at least rich didn't buzz cut it. i'm sure he knows better then to do that. ha ha

  4. Okay, so I thought you meant he had literally cut ALL of his hair off. I think that his hair in the after picture is still adorable (and I prefer it a wee bit over the before "do"). ~Kerry

  5. Both is my vote - I'll snuggle him either way and that is the long and the short of it!

    Grandma Marilyn