Friday, February 25, 2011

Sedae, So Close to a Year

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Sedae turned 9 months over the weekend. It's really hard to believe that she's staring down her first birthday. She's officially crawling...or cralking as I like to call it. She gets one leg under her and the other peg legged to the side like she's trying to walk, but is crawling. Quite hysterical.
And now she's into everything. Her favorite no-no is of course the dog's food and water bowl. She's tasted his food and has at least one outfit change a day due to water soaked clothes. I can tell when she's headed for them too. I'll call her name and she coyly looks back at me as if saying "Whaaaat?? I wouldn't dare!" Then of course I sign and tell her "no touch" and she shakes her head at me. Then promptly goes right back to it. We finally wised up and put the food up when she's out and about. Poor Max.
Her other favorites are outlets, and the little magnets from Tayden's wall calendar. No more sitting still for me! She really enjoys being in the kitchen with me, always under foot, scouring the floor for any little nugget to shove in her mouth.
Her signs include 'all done', 'night-night' and 'bye-bye'. Yes, they're all her flapping her hand, but she's quite proud of herself every time she "talks" to us.
Food has come a long way this month with her now trying and liking most everything I present. Yippee! I can't believe how much solids she's eating already. You kinda forget how many calories they burn once moving around. She seems to always be hungry but is really thinning out!
I tried really hard this month to be better about taking more pictures of her. If you follow on Twitter or Facebook I'm sure you've seen my 'Daily Dae' postings. Here's a look of her many activities and faces over the past 30 days.


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