Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dae at 10 Months

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Lots of changes in month ten. She's eating like crazy! I can hardly keep the kitchen stocked with foods for her. It seems like overnight she went from eating 4 ounces each meal to 8! Still with only the two bottom teeth, moving her past mush is challenging. But she's lovin' finger foods like cheese, pasta, olives, blueberries, etc this month. We're close to the she-can-eat-off-our-plate stage which is so nice. I'm also still nursing her 4 times a day and trying to figure out how to ween that a bit. We've tried goats milk bottles twice now and she's not a super fan, but will take it ok.
She's only in the 25%-ile for weight. All that crawling around is burning calories like wildfire. And this girl is on her way to walking...soon! She started pulling herself up to standing earlier this month and is now using things to walk around the house with, like in this video (notice the dog sniffing butt scene):

How inventive right?
Sedae's a pretty champion sleeper. Still on two naps a day and sleeping a solid 11-12 hours at night. Although, she has decided 6 am is her new waking time. Not too thrilled with that. But will take it.
The other fun thing is watching her and Tayden's relationship grow. Tayden's starting to realize that she can be a good play-pal and is always prompting her to "C'mere Dae Dae, come play in my room!" It's way too adorable. But they do get into trouble sometimes, being mischievous siblings.
It's insane how many other little things (I won't bore anyone with) she builds on to grow each day. She's just an overall joy and we feel blessed to be her parents. To both of them!!


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