Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Love Lamp.

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You know the theory that no one has an original thought? That, chances are, the thought you just had, someone's already thought the same thing? Have you seen Social Network? Point confirmed.
Now, here's my un-original thought.
While on vacation at the beach last summer I grabbed the raddest piece of driftwood and thought: lamp. Problem was, it was way too long. Enter handy husband. He sawed said piece in half and voilĂ , two lamps were born. Then he drilled a hole, large enough for a lamp kit to fit through and I lacquered it to bring out the detail of the old wood.


Brilliant! There I had my very own (gave the other to a friend) minimalist lamp that cost less than ten bucks. I adore this lamp. Not only aesthetically but when I look at it I'm reminded of the beach.


Fast forward three months later. I ran across these guys. Can you believe it? The same lamp! (Only there's is being sold for $100)
So. Anyone wanna buy mine for $100?

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