Friday, May 27, 2011

Favorites Friday, Farmers Market

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Our local farmers market starts this next week and I am super excited about our proximity to it. You'll know where to find me every Wednesday from now until Labor day! I am giddy with anticipation of a fridge full of local produce. Maybe I'll even learn to can this year. Maybe.
But to have the most success shopping you need to be prepared.  We all know how hippies can get around sustainability. It's like a ravenous feast with turnips and baby arugula flying everywhere.
So I plan on being well equipt.

1. You need a good bag. This can make all the difference on how much you can take away.

2. How about storage in your fridge for those delicate berries?

3. Your food is nothing without some good recipes.

4. Planning a wedding or summer paraty?

5. Wanting to inspire your kiddos towards more healthy eating?

6. Spread the word.

7. You know I can't leave you without a beverage to wrap it all up in a pretty little bow. So here you go.

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