Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Indian Chiefs

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Every birthday girl needs a birthday hat. It's a must have accessory.
I was instantly inspired by this little headpiece in Wovenplay's spring collection and wanted to make one like it for Sedae. I wondered if she would just tear hers off at the party, but she wore it like the rockstar she is.
I ordered some wonderful wool felt from Giant Dwarf (a dream to work with), grabbed some feathers, a length of leather string, my trusty hot glue gun and started in.
Of course Tay needed one too, just for fun, although he's not much into the dress up stuff. Like at all. Can you tell?
They were both great fun to make. I think I wanna make more.


  1. Adorbs. But no photo credit needed since I only took three of them. ;)

  2. yes huh. just didn't get to put it on the first one! so, first picture by mel ridlon.