Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Menu Monday, For Carnivores

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Vacation: a time when you have guilt-free license to indulge in all the food and treats you want.

Post-vacation: a time when you cleanse your body from all the over-indulging.

Not this time.

I came back craving meat. More meat, more meat, MORE MEAT! So why deny those cravings?

Here's what we've got going on this week.

{monday: edamame burger with sweet potato fries, tuesday: salt-and-pepper rib eye with red harissa, wednesday: grilled lavender chicken salad, thursday: bacon, avocado and apple grilled cheese, friday: black bean nachos (I promise to post my nacho recipe soon, but these look good too), saturday: agave-glazed pork with grilled pineapple (will use the marinade on a pork tenderloin), sunday: grilled polenta, goat cheese and peppers}

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