Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Monday, Glamping

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{practice camping in the living room}

We're headed out this week on our first camping trip of the season. There will be a dozen of us going and we're all taking turns with food duty. I think the thing I get most excited about while sleeping outdoors is the food. Coming up with recipes that are easy and still tasty.

No pork and beans here!

I've listed ideas for some of our favorite glamping meals below.

Breakfasts usually consist of either pancakes or a warm peach cobbler. Lunches need to be go-to-the-lake ready so charcuterie with cheese, fruit, bread and crackers are perfect. Great snacks are also a must. All that laying out and playing is hard work. We're also huge fans of foil packet dinners over the fire. They're the set-it-and-forget-it of camping.

Aside from mimosas in the morning, beers on the lake and wine by the campfire, the only other thing missing is s'mores!

And why not take it to the glamping level with a s'mores bar? A whole selection of different types of graham crackers, chocolates and toppings. It really isn't camping without them.

Whether you have a trip coming up or will set up your tent in your backyard this summer, be sure to try out some of these recipes to make your experience one to remember (and drool over).

{m: charcuterie, t: black bean quesadillas, w: scallion sweet potato packets, th: granola bars,
f: peach crumble, sa: pesto chicken packets, su: s'mores bar}