Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Perfect Day

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I'm at the bittersweet realization that we're halfway through our summer vacation. It feels good to be back in familiar territory but still exploring new things. And not ready for it to end.
Yesterday was a dream of a day. It was relaxing yet fun filled with a quiet morning, farmers market, Avila Valley Barn to pick up lunch, picnic and dirty fun on the beach, snowcones, fantastic wild salmon dinner and date night at Sycamore Hot Springs. Our white Orgonian skin got lobsterfied but it was a welcomed sting. Oh to feel hot!!!
Today we have another amazing day planned of wine tasting around San Luis County and more farmers marketing tonight. We've been perusing through the Cooking from the Farmer's Market book I mentioned here and have my eyes on some fried green beans and aioli. Maybe we'll make some tonight with fresh green beans!
I took way too many photos yesterday but here's a couple of my favorite shots of Mr. Smiles and Miss Independent:


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