Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apps for Kids

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If you have an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iWhatever...and kids, this is the post for you.

I have four folders on my phone full of educational, and fun, games for my kids, to play and learn on when the need arises.


Have you heard of the website Moms with Apps?

Well now you have.

And you're welcome in advance.

Why? Because every Friday, they have what's called App Friday, and they bring you new or popular app developers that offer their app for free or deeply discounted.

Only for 24 hours though. Then it goes back to regular pricing.

How rad is that?!

Below are some of my kids' favorites.

Perfect for those moments when you need another hand.

Click on the links to take you straight to iTunes store to download.

Here's to happy learning (and putting that investment to good use)!

  • ABC Balloon Pop: $0.99. Ages: 2-7. Teaches letter shapes and recognition while popping balloons.
  • Alphabet Tracing: FREE. Ages: 2+. Trace letters and numbers like a doodle pad to learn letter shapes.
  • Color Dots: FREE. Ages: 1+. A color tracking game.
  • Dash & Ditto: $1.99. Ages: 1-7. Seven different games in one app. Full of cute little bunnies.
  • First Words Sampler: FREE. Ages: 2-7. Teaches letter recognition, letter sound and spelling.
  • Go Go Mongo: $0.99. Move Mongo around the screen to help him catch food to eat. Teaches hand/eye coordination and timing.
  • Gunther is a Star: FREE. Ages: All. A fun little puppet that does funny things and sings.
  • Helicopter Taxi: $1.99. Ages: 1-7. Fly a helicopter all around your house, or anywhere you go!
  • I Hear Ewe: FREE. Ages: 2-5. Kids learn animal and vehicle sounds with real sounds. Easy to play.
  • Kids ABC Alphabet Puzzle: FREE. Ages: 1+. Building letters through moving puzzle pieces.
  • Learn My Letters: $1.99. Ages: 2-6. An adorable little owl teaches letter recognition and orientation.
  • MeeGenius: FREE. Ages: 1+. A library full of children's books.
  • Moody Monster: FREE. Ages: 3-8. Kids can make their own monster, learning emotions, or play games teaching sorting, matching, colors and more.
  • My Little Suitcase: FREE. Ages: 1-7. The kids pack their suitcases for four different vacations, then unpack once there with hidden discoveries. Simple and endless fun.
  • Preschool Adventure: $0.99. Ages: 2-6. Eighteen learning activities that runs the whole gamut.
  • Toca Doctor Lite: FREE. $1.99 for full. Ages: 3+.  Five puzzles, letting your kiddo play doctor, while learning.
  • Wood Puzzle Lite: FREE. $1.99 for full. Ages: 1+. Just like the real wood puzzles, but virtual. Even has a baby mode.

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