Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Fun Box Check Off

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I must be feeling really list-y this week. Seems like I've been making a lot of them.

But this one's fulfilling to my obsessive-compulsive-need to check things off lists.

Remember back at the beginning of summer when I made up a box of fun summer activities to do? Since tomorrow's the first day off fall (*tear*), here's a summer wrap up from our check list.

✓Picnic at the park 
Photobucket ✓Eat breakfast outside 
Take family pictures (the camera I got, I returned. Didn't like it. So I'm on the hunt for a new one.)
✓Make s'mores (admittedly, a few times) 
✓Go to baseball game car races
Photobucket ✓Go to Munch n' Movies Music (none of the movies were toddler-appropriate) 
Photobucket ✓Go out for ice cream (can you say "we live too close to frozen yogurt"?) 
Go canoeing (floated on the lake, but still not canoeing)
Photobucket Make frozen bananas
Play soccer outside
Spit seeds
✓Make popsicles
Photobucket ✓Color with chalk 
BBQ pizzas
✓Take picnic to dad 
✓Living room sleep out
Photobucket Snow cone party
✓Water day 
Photobucket ✓Make stepping stone 
✓Float the river 
✓Go to play ground 
✓Fly a kite 
Photobucket ✓Go camping 
Photobucket ✓Go for a walk 
Photobucket Build fort outside
Go fruit picking (cannot believe we didn't get to it this year!)
✓Make lemonade 
Go for bike ride
✓Go to the pool 
✓Paint outside (planning for this Friday, can I still check it?) 
✓Walk to get snow cones 
✓Collect bugs 
✓Watch clouds in a field 
✓Make fancy ice cream (totally flopped. ended up at above mentioned frozen yogurt.) 
✓Plant flowers garden 
Photobucket ✓Make playdoh 
Go carting
Movie outside

We did pretty good! And there's always next summer to try again...

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