Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Monday

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I've got a couple of sandwiches for you this week. They seem so summery and carefree don't they? I love a good sandwich. And a good pasta salad. Like on Tuesday. The lemon plays on the asparagus' flavors so well. It's guaranteed to be a favorite of yours too.

Be sure to serve the simple arugula salad alongside Wednesday's chicken and blue cheese dish. And I'm thinking a finger-food Friday would be delicious with the mushroom and goat cheese phyllo bites.

Have a flavorful week my friends!

Find links to the recipes below.

{m: california sandwich, t: asparagus and lemon pasta, w: balsamic chicken and blue cheese, th: veggie quiche casserole
f: mushroom goat cheese phyllo bites, sa: rosemary chicken salad sandwiches, su: drunken mexican beans with cilantro and bacon}

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