Thursday, January 12, 2012

Busy Bag for Flying, Geometric Puzzle

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See how small and compact this puzzle is? It's deceiving. This puzzle packs a brainy punch!


I took cue from all the geometric love out there, like this giant geometric puzzle, or these little wooden cubes, and made one out of thin cardboard so it doesn't take up precious cargo space.


I cut these into 2x2 squares then used painters tape corner to corner to get a straight line. Grab some acrylic paints then paint away, leave some blank, add a little silver bling, sky's the limit!


If traveling in the car, you could get a sturdier piece of cardboard and stick a bunch of little velcro strips 2 inches apart, and put the opposing side on each square so they stay in place on a bumpy car ride.


This project is great for color matching, fine motor skills and shape recognition. I'm super thrilled with it and hope it brings many miles of enjoyment.

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