Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Treasure Bags

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We're headed to the beach again this week so it was time to dig out the bags I made for the kids when we went to Hawaii in January. I also thought it would be a fitting time to share them with all of you, it being summer and all.

Super basic sewing skills needed here. Trust me, if I can do it, you can too. I {mostly} followed the terrific directions over at Come Together Kids to pull the bags together.


The kids carried the bags around our whole vacation, each day filling it up with new treasures they thought were fun. We'd dump them out that night, ready to go again the next day. Seashells, rocks, sticks, seaweed, you name it, it was in that bag.

I loved them because I wasn't stuck trying to figure out a place to hold their treasures, when my hands were full of bags, chairs, umbrellas, fussy babies...you know how beach trips can go.

At the end of our vacation we consolidated the treasures in to a manageable amount to travel home with and have been using them in our ocean unit we're doing at home. They are also in jars serving as decorations and reminders of our vacation.


Here's to treasure hunting whether at the beach or in your own backyard.

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