Monday, April 27, 2009

Tayden Turns One!

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Fitting that I'm posting this today on Rich's birthday (Happy Birthday honey!!)

Tayden's first birthday was on Saturday and we celebrated with family and friends around. The morning started with some gluten/sugar-free chocolate chip pancakes (yum!) for his birthday breakfast and he opened one of our gifts to him. He got his first ATV from his Aunt Lori, boyfriend Scott & cousin Evan and thinks he's such a dude cruising around on it. Tay had plenty of ladies to entertain at his party and had so much fun just hamming it up. He was totally spoiled by everyone (thank you!) and did pretty well considering the fact he only napped 1 hour the entire day--baby wouldn't sleep! But when the cake rolled around, and he tried to grab the flame on the candle, he melted...until he really got into the goodness under the frosting. All in all it was the best day celebrating one year since God gave us this perfect, healthy boy.

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  1. Now since this was a "we've made it one year" party, we were expecting to see pictures of all of you who made it one year. We're Rich and Max exluded from this party : )