Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sedae. Eleven Months!

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Whoa! How are we one month away from my baby's first birthday? I know everyone says this but, time really does fly by.
Man what a month we've had. It has been one sickness after another and are just done. I think it's the lack of vitamin d, ie: THE SUN! So this poor little girl has been sick, sick, sick. First a cold. Then croup. Then a fever over 103 for a couple days. Very hard to see your little suffer and not be able to tell you what's wrong to help.
But we've made it through and I am willing the warmth with all my might. We all have a bit of cabin fever. We caught a glimpse for all of two days what this summer has in store for us and it was simply delightful. I just hope she's walking by then so she can get out and explore! Right now she's pretty confined outdoors. She likes to stand up using everything as a prop and I think can do more than that, but isn't very motivated at this point. She's perfectly happy doing her "crawk" (half crawl, half walk).
Her vocab consists of dada, mama (if I beg. She likes to tease when I tell her to say mama she'll say dada and laugh. Yeah, real funny.), hi and other words that she's trying like Tayden, brother, Max and bye-bye. She signs bye, hi, milk, all done and no. She's been hearing that last one a lot lately. We love watching this little love grow and learn each day. What a blessing she is to our lives. Cannot believe we get to raise her. Love you Dae-Dae!!

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