Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorites Friday, Spring Lovin

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I really love this new house. One of the things I'm enjoying most at the moment is discovering the yard. It was dead of winter when we moved in so there was only snow and twigs. We had no idea what was out there.
The ground has defrosted and we're starting to see warmer numbers on the thermometer. It's been really fun every day discovering what new thing popped up. So far we've been surprised by massive amount of tulips and other bulb flowers blooming, a huge rhubarb plant that grew over night, five or six chive plants going crazy in the front yard along with a few rosemary plants sprouting new leaves. The once lifeless trees broken by snow are now green, leafy and almost hiding our neighbors.
These things and more remind me that, allbeit short, spring has sprung.
So what do you do with all these new surprises? Hope you're inspired by some below.

1. Tulips.
Easy way to display springs favorite flower for a dinner party.

2. Seeds.
Fashionable packages dress up your favorite plants.

3. Chives.
Great way to utilize those favorite spicy flowers.

4. Radishes.
I have just discovered this veggie and is my newest favorite. Can't. Stop. Eating. Them.

5. Asparagus.
A babe dress that reminds me of this favorite spring spear.

6. Garden.
A tree stump and concrete top table. I'd do it if I never had to move it! But there's 75 other DIY ideas here; surely you can find another favorite.

7. Rhubarb.
I'm sure I've posted this recipe once before, but that's how coo-coo I am over it. Rhubarb. Rosemary. Lemons. Rum. Faaaaaav.

Here's some more, because I just can't stop:
Crispy asparagus.
Radish, Boursin and Chive Tartines.
Artichoke light.
Tulip greeting.
Vegan and Gluten free Rosemary Crackers.

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