Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorites Friday, Make Some Art!

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Tay loves art. What kid doesn't, really, but our desire is to foster this interest and create opportunity to dive in whenever the whim arises. There's a couple of problems in having the supplies available at his fingertips at all times. The most glaring being at his little sisters fingertips too. Oh I shutter to think of that mess...
The second is space. Where would I put such a place? We're utilizing every square inch of this quaint little home. So I started searching. Which brings this Favorites Friday's inspiration. Even if you don't have kids underfoot, everyone should have a space with no limits to their creativity. Mine and Rich's is downstairs in our basement. It's a fantastic get-a-way.

1. Could have this tiered organizer out on the table at all times.
(Although honestly, I think I'd get tired of looking at it on my dining room table.)

2. Could find a blank wall to mount some butcher paper onto.
(May still be too close to little Dae's reach, however.)

3. Could integrate a station into our living room so it's supervised.
(Hm. Where would I put that?)

4. Could make this little wall station that he could grab what's wanted and pull up a chair at the table.
(I really love the chalkboard surface.)

5. Could designate a corner in his room for a table and supplies.
(He could shut his door when creating, but Dae would still have access to it all when they play together.)

6. Could do an easel and a dresser to hide it all.
(That is the problem though of hiding it from Tayden too; out of sight, out of mind. Loving the painted frames for displaying.)

7. Could make a station on casters to roll into his closet when not in use.
(Now we're getting somewhere!)

My solution: There's a shelf in Tay's closet that's being used to store some toys. It's perfect height to pull up a stool and get to creating. The beauty of it is when he's creating he can shut his door without worry of Dae cramping his creativity. He's a responsible 3 year old that I can trust to follow the painting rules (plus we have a video monitor in his room). When he does want to play with his sister in his room he can make sure his closet doors are closed. I'm so excited to get this space, all for him, set up and let his creative juices flow.
Here's the before of his closet:
Stay tuned for the after in weeks to come. What are your solutions for a creative space?

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