Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Those Busy Bags Organized

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Here we are, back with installment #3. And this is for the organizer in all of us. The quest to be perfectly put together and ready to go at a moments notice.

Ok back to reality, here's some ways to organize your busy bag (see 1 and 2 for ideas) so you can just grab it and go. Then only have to worry about getting everyone else out the door.

{row 1: if you feel like sewing up your own tote, this is a great tutorial; one way to sort each game is in pencil holders which I'm sure you could find on clearance right now with back to school, row 2: don't feel like splurging on pencil holders, ziploc bags are just as great; this brilliant idea of using part of a shoe organizer would be great to have your activities at the ready for road trips; make a tag labeling the contents of what you have in your bag before pulling everything out, this is great for rotating stock, row 3: this dual bag-in-bag is great for separating each activity as well as toting it; you can find a basic tote that's cute to boot on etsy; but this felt organizer is sure to please even the most anal organizer}
So go forth. I have bestowed all the tools you'll need. Create. Organize. And pass it on.

I'll be back tomorrow with our great little bag we put together.


  1. Can I please have that hedgehog bag??? That's my all time favorite animal! Where did you find that? :) P.S. You're amazing!

  2. Super cute huh? It's linked above where it says "cute to boot"